If an inanimate object could tell us it's story, we'd listen. Maybe they do speak to us in the form of paint layers, patina and patterns. VVV hunts the yard sales, estate sales, thrift stores and dusty basements--finding the gems of history's past that seek their next chapter with you. 

VVV is located in the Green Mountain State of Vermont in the small town of Brandon. VVV is owned and operated by Ally, a nostalgic time traveler herself. VVV was born in the summer of 2020 after the pandemic hit--Ally, a long time collector of vintage, was feeling overwhelmed and stiffled by trying to work full time from home while her lovely littles were at-home learning during quarantine...she didn't have time for it but her heart needed a creative outlet and VVV was born. What started as sharing repurposed and upcycled decor inspiration slowly grew into re-homing her treasures as she continually found new vintage pieces to mix into her ever-evolving  space. Her love for vintage fashion slowly crept in and operating out of her spare bedroom was becoming difficult as the following grew! In 2021 the VVV Shop was built, out of mostly reclaimed materials. In 2022, VVV officially became an LLC business. 

Beyond hunting for vintage, Ally lives for the smiles of her two children and proudly holds the heart and hand of her high-school sweetheart. Her hobbies include working on and driving her old '78 Ford truck, camping, traveling, history, starry skies, music you can dance to and conversations and places you can get lost in. 

Your support of this small business directly impacts Ally, her family, her community and helps save the world one item out of the landfill/one outfit not sourced from fast-fashion at a time! 

Buy vintage, be interesting!